Tuning a car can be a lot of fun. However, there are a few modding mistakes that you should be wary of before you start splashing the cash. Some of these mistakes could be expensive, others could be dangerous and others could just be purely impractical. Here are 7 mistakes to avoid at all costs when modifying your car.

Putting Motorsports Parts in a Low Powered Car

Motorsports parts are designed to work at high RPMs. Placing them in a low powered car is not a wise idea – not only will this make the vehicle a nightmare to handle on everyday roads, but you could find that you end up guzzling fuel and that parts keep wearing away. 

Attempting DIY Electrics

DIY modifications can be risky if you’re not confident as to what you’re doing. Electrical work can be particularly dangerous and should be avoided at all costs unless you’re a licensed car electrician. Faulty wiring could cause a car to go up in flames – the heat and vibrations that cars produce means that the slightest wiring mistake can turn catastrophic.    

Not Upgrading the Brakes

A lot of people focus on making their car go faster, but don’t consider braking speed. If you’re planning to drive your car at high speeds (preferably on a race track and not just a regular street), high performance brakes such as these EBC brakes could be a worthy investment for the sake of safety. Make sure to get these brakes installed by a pro.

Lowering the Suspension Too Far

Overly low suspension – sometimes known as ‘slamming’ a car – may help aerodynamics, but may not be practical on everyday roads. The slightest bump in the road could cause your car to bottom out. As well as getting stuck in embarrassing places, you could run the risk of damaging parts under your car. Feel free to lower your suspension, but don’t go overboard. 

Fitting a Loud Exhaust

Noisy exhausts aren’t just obnoxious – they could be deemed illegal in some places due to the noise pollution they cause. If your car naturally has a loud exhaust, consider fitting a muffler instead such as one of these Walker mufflers. Your neighbours will thank you for it.

Headlights that aren’t White or Yellow

You’ll find headlights on the market in all manner of psychedelic colours, but unless they’re white or yellow they’re likely not legal. Save yourself being pulled over by the police and stick to white or yellow headlights when modifying your car.

Removing Airbags

Certain modifications such as installing new seat or steering wheels may require removing airbags. You may never need these airbags, but just in case you are in an accident, it’s unwise to remove them (unless you’re planning on also adding your own safety modifications). Avoid  modifying your car in any way that involves removing safety features from your car.

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