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Perhaps you’re looking to make progress with career goals, but you’re not sure where to start? Whether it’s a career change or advancement in your field, the first step is to set yourself goals. When you’re setting yourself goals, ensure that you use the SMART framework. Doing so will ensure that your goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. When you start working toward your goals, these five apps can help you to get organized. 


Cloze works as ‘personal assistant for your professional relationships.’ It takes data from your various apps to create a centralized view of each business contact and company. With Cloze, you can view every email, meeting, phone call, and message in one place. Cloze uses a smart AI, sending you reminders when it’s a good time to contact key people. The app can also understand action items and put them on your Agenda automatically. Cloze also keeps your contacts up to date and provides you with an email management and support system.

Way of Life 

Way of Life is a goal-setting app for personal development. The app can help you to monitor and change your habits for the better. As you collect data in the app, Way of Life will offer personalized recommendations to help you improve your daily habits. Features of Way of Life include:

  • Graphs & charts: track your positive trends and good habits with Way of Life’s graphs and charts.
  • Chains: Use the Way of Life ‘habit chain’ to challenge yourself not to break a positive trend.
  • Note Taking: Keep on top of your great ideas and your schedule with the handy note-taking features.

Way of Life is the perfect app to set goals whether for your personal life or your professional life.


Shapr is a networking application that helps individuals connect with recruiters, employers, staff, or other professional contacts. It’s simple to use; just set up a profile and start swiping to make connections. Shapr is the ideal app for professionals looking for a career change, or business owners looking for collaboration opportunities. To make the most of Shapr, you can connect it to your LinkedIn profile.

TMA Career Coach

The TMA Career Coach is a career coach and job searching application. TMA gathers info from the world’s largest search engines and offers up top career advice. Whether you’re researching how to become an attorney or looking to start your own business, TMA Career Coach has plenty of tips to get you on the right track.

One Million Cups

One Million Cups is an application where individuals can watch presentations given by entrepreneurs from around the world. Users can search for entrepreneurial events in their area or attend networking events online. Don’t forget to get involved with the 1 Million Cups Nation; here, you can offer up your ideas about the OMC community’s future. Those who are working towards starting their own company will get plenty of ideas and inspiration here!

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