You’re a nice guy, you look okay, you’ve got a sense of humor. So why is it that you can’t seem to get a date? In the world of online dating, it’s much easier for all of us to be picky about who we go out with. The time for ‘benefit of the doubt’ is gone. Even the smallest details can put women off. Here are a few bad habits to ditch, so you can get to round 2.


Sounds obvious right? Well, smoking once had a bad boy allure. But these days, it’s not so cool. Indeed, the majority of women wouldn’t bother dating a smoker at all. The main reason given is that smoke smells bad, but health concerns regarding secondhand smoke come a close second. Yellow teeth, bad breath and the idea that smoking is ‘generally unattractive’ are also cited as reasons. Smoking increases your risk of developing some serious health conditions, and can result in dental problems that may need something as major as permanent dental implants to put right. So, save yourself the hassle all round and simply kick the habit!

Vapers are a little more palatable than smokers. Generally, those who are put off by vaping are much less concerned about health. However, they are still worried about the cost of vaping and how this bad habit might look. 

So what’s the solution for you? Well, if you must indulge vaping can be a good method for reducing your nicotine intake with a view to stopping altogether. If you choose to buy from an e liquid sale UK, you could also save on cost. As many women are put off by people vaping around them. It is polite to pop outside to vape if you need to during your date. 

You, You, You

One of the main reasons otherwise lovely people talk about themselves so much is that they are worried about conversation going stale. If you talk about yourself, you know that you can keep the conversation going. Or at least, you can continue your lecture!

Fortunately, this is a really easy problem to solve. There are a lot of questions you could ask that would instantly start a more interesting conversation you can both contribute to. The key thing is that once you have asked, you listen. Make eye contact and show your interest by nodding and agreeing where appropriate. 

Asking follow up questions or adding details about your own experiences will also help to keep the conversation moving along naturally. Don’t worry about trying to be sexy or alluring all the time either. Women love to laugh and humour is an essential part of any relationship. Mix things up so you can move from light chat to deep conversation as the mood takes you.  Remember: the whole point of a date is to get to know someone so take the opportunity! Above all else, you need to be polite. 

Zero Effort

Do you honestly know how long women take getting ready for a date? They will think about what they are going to wear, which shoes to put on, how to do their hair, what style of make-up they want, which perfume – you name it, they’ve thought of it. So with all this in mind, would it kill you to take a shower and put on a fresh shirt?! 

If you want her to feel appreciated, the least you can do is make an effort. You don’t need to wear a tux or anything but do put some thought into an outfit that is appropriate for your date. A clean, ironed and well-fitting shirt is always advisable and if you aren’t feeling confident in your style, lean towards simple neutral or dark colors. 

You should also consider the type of date she would like. Dinner and drinks is often a good call because you can spend a lot of time having quality conversations that actually help you get to know each other. The other upside is that even if the date doesn’t go that well, you still get to enjoy a good meal. But there are lots of date ideas that women love. If you aren’t sure what to suggest – ask her! 

Dating can be rough and you’re not going to meet the perfect lady first time. However, it’s really important that you take each date individually and use the time to get to know each other. Having a game plan in your back pocket or a set of chat up lines ready go might make you feel better but most women will see through this and get bored after their initial interest if you can’t offer anything else.

The best habit you can get into is learning to listen and follow the signs. A date isn’t about getting what you want, it’s about seeing what suits you both. So relax, enjoy yourself.

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