Los Bros Hernandez

Gilbert, Jaime and Mario Hernandez—also known as “Los Bros Hernandez”—are comic book creators best known for their classic series titled Love and Rockets. Initially self-published by the brothers in black and white, becoming one of the first series in the independent alternative comics movement in the ‘80s. The stories within the series typically were independent of one another—with each brother creating their own storylines with their own unique characters—and often drew inspiration from the comic book scene, punk rock and the Mexican-American culture they grew up around in Oxnard, California. The series was later picked up by Fantagraphics Books, who republished the first issue in color with mostly Gilbert and Jaime contributing both the artwork and storylines. After the release of the 50th issue of Love and Rockets in 1996, the brothers temporarily stopped working on the series to take on their own independent projects. The series was revived as Love and Rockets Vol. 2 in 2001, and the brothers continue to release the series until this day—even landing a deal to make one of the more popular storylines titled “Palomar” into a film.

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Photo of Los Bros Hernandez via newwavecrashing.com

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