October 29, 2020

Patrick Skye

During the work week, Patrick Skye is your typical Time Warner employee making a living in the company’s client relations department. However, every other weekend when there is a huge comic-con nearby, the professional N.Y.-based cosplayer dresses up as some recognizable superheroes hitting convention floors, posing for photos and wowing onlookers with his costumes of The Flash, Daredevil, Green Arrow, or either the green or white Power Ranger—whichever character he feels the most connection with at the time. The amazing craftsmanship he puts into every one of his costumes—using materials like worbla and foam along with cloth—has not only garnered the Honduran-Puerto Rican cosplayer a large fanbase, but it has also brought about national attention as he’s been featured in numerous geek culture media—like Cosplay Culture magazine and on CW TV Network’s online segment, “CW FanTalk” for his phenomenal The Flash costume where he chopped it up with John Wesley Shipp, who played The Flash in the ’90s TV series. Patrick Skye also caught the attention of Jason David Frank, who played Tommy Oliver a.k.a. the green and white Power Ranger in the ‘90s hit TV series. Frank not only constantly shouts out Patrick, but also brought him onboard as one of his official Team JDF ambassadors.


Photo Courtesy of Jason Laboy



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