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To think that the founder and Editor-in-Chief of, Kellvin Chavez, first started his site as a hobby. Chavez was formerly a Wall Street trader’s assistant from Queens, N.Y., who spent his time off taking in as many movies as he could. Chavez’ stepmother worked for a VP at Universal who invited them to the premiere of the first X-Men movie in New York. While at the premiere, Chavez asked his stepmom’s boss how one would go about getting invited to film premieres more often. The answer: “You either have to be a journalist, own a magazine or a movie website.” Presto, was born. Working on the site mostly during his time off at first, in the last 16 years, Chavez—along with the help of die-hard journalists managed to propel the site into one of the go-to online sources for breaking news about the hottest upcoming films. Latino-Review was first to break that Heath Ledger would play The Joker in The Dark Knight, they also wrote a review of the script for Batman Begins, which put them on the map whilst also getting them in hot water with the studio. Then, there was that one time when Chavez’ team posted an sneak image of the Destroyer from the Thor film set, which prompted Marvel Studios to send Latino-Review a letter asking them to give up their source in exchange for set visits. That’s when you know you’re doing journalism right!

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Born to Dominican parents in NYC and raised in Passaic, NJ, in nearly a decade as an entertainment writer, Emmanuel Ureña has written for numerous publications, including VIBE,,, LLERO, Urban Ink, Inked, and many others. When he’s not typing away on his MacBook, Ureña is reading fictional novels and comic books while enjoying ice-cold Blue Moon beers. You might also find him at a local tattoo shop getting some fresh ink!

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