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‘LLERO: What has been your biggest accomplishment?
Brie: Both Nikki and I have been Diva champions. That was a huge honor when we both won that title. So, we’re looking to get it back!

‘LLERO: Since you are identical twins how do people tell you both apart, especially guys?
Brie: Well, Nicole is a little curvier (laughs), I mean not that I don’t have any curves, I do. Also, our personalities are really different. Nicole is your full-fledged Latina, she is feistier. I’m more quiet and passive.

Nicole: Brie is the hippie; she shops at the farmer’s market and stuff like that.

‘LLERO: What makes a man a “caballero” to you? What do you look for in a man?
Nicole and Brie: Oh My God he has to have a sense of humor! Obviously, physical attraction as well but if you might not be the best looking but if you have a great personality and sense of humor you become very attractive.

‘LLERO: What do you love about Latino men?
Nicole: We love their style and definitely how easy they are on the eyes. And we love their passion.

LLERO: You both have been linked to WWE Superstars, are there any truth to the rumors?
Nicole: They are actually not rumors I am with Jon Cena and Brie is with Daniel Bryan.
Brie: We are super, super happy. And that’s one reason we wanted to do Total Divas because you actually get to see our relationships. We’ve had to hide it for so long and now it’s just going to be right out in the open.
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‘LLERO: Most people don’t know that you are half Mexican. Was the culture a big part of your life growing up?
Nicole and Brie: Yes, you know the cool thing about being half-Mexican and half-Italian is both are so big on family. So our Mexican side has like amazing food and my mom is a good cook. So we are very proud of our Mexican roots.

‘LLERO: What can we look forward to seeing in Total Divas?
Brie: Some highlights I would definitely say are backstage at WrestleMania, moments with us and our boyfriends and even moments with us and our family members.

‘LLERO: What challenges have you faced being a woman in the WWE?
Nicole: People look at it and think of it as a man’s world because there are more Superstars than Divas, but I think the one thing is [you have to be] really confident and stand strong. It’s very empowering once you’ve made it in the WWE.

‘LLERO: Who influenced you both growing up?
Nicole: Both our grandmother and mother were very powerful women. For instance, my mom didn’t have a college degree and people didn’t think she could own her own business but she never took no for an answer. Just to see my mom striving for her dream, those are the kind of women we looked up to. People gave us a lot of backlash because our parents weren’t wrestlers, we didn’t come from a wrestling background but we didn’t care, we didn’t take no for an answer. We decided this is what we wanted and nothing was going to stop us. We learned that from the strong women in our family.

‘LLERO: Anything else you want to add?
Nicole and Brie: Tune into Total Divas to see you favorite Latinas!

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