October 22, 2020

The Reason

Mary says it’s just her personality. Liz, a licensed social worker from Boston, on the other hand, believes that pursuing a man comes with the new dating landscape. “Men are stepping back,” she notes.

“I think it stems from the concept of us being ‘independent women’ who go for what we want,”

she comments. “Men seem to think that if we want them, we’ll let them know.” So she does. The last time she pursued a man, however, stemmed not from the new rules of the game, but simply from her lack of patience. “Men are slow to react when it comes to love.”

How Men React

Liz has had pleasant reactions to her efforts. “Men are surprised, but most often it’s a welcomed surprise, especially since I come off shy.” However, Monique Ruffin, a sex writer for PurpleClover, doesn’t take the lead because she believes men react negatively. Instead, she says she’s “outspoken but not aggressive.” “I will make myself available by being flirty, sexy, and charming,” she expresses.

Monique may be on to something. Ani Deanna, a student from Los Angeles, has asked men out on dates, but none have become long-term relationships. “We go out but after a few dates the relationship doesn’t go anywhere,” she shared. Why?

“I don’t think guys like it when a girl chases them. It takes away from their masculinity,”

she believes. “Unless he’s very submissive, most guys are turned off when the girl takes on that manly role.” So, how does a woman pursuing a man impact a relationship? Supriya believes that “only confident, secure men can deal” with a woman who goes after what she desires. Ruffin, however, has an interesting take. “It’s not about femininity and masculinity. It’s not about gender roles. Some women are more aggressive and some men are more passive.”

In a nutshell, it comes down to personality. If a woman wants to go for it with a man, so be it. Just make sure to say “thank you” when she hollers.

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