Leave it to Zach Snyder to accomplish a feat worthy of  a superhero. One up San Diego International Comic Con. Snyder did just that Saturday. While many were tuning in virtually to ComicCon@Home, Snyder launched his own show – Justice Con.  Made of a number of panels that focus on various aspects of the DC Universe and Justice League.

One panel featured Snyder himself and during it he released an unseen clip of the Justice League film. It’s a clip often debated among the fandom. Who is it that approaches Alfred in the garage.  Well, it’s none other than the Man of Steel. And he’s not dressed in his big blue boy scout uniform. Rather he dons  the black costume from the Death of Superman portion of the canon. It’s brief but symbolic clip. Many fanboys see it as The Snyder cut will be “all Snyder” with no studio execs to meddle in decisions about the final cut.

Peep the clip from Justice Con here.


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