September 19, 2021

While folks aren’t getting a traditional slate of new horror films this Halloween. We have our first look at the reboot of a classic horror franchise. The first trailer for The Grudge reboot dropped today. Now this isn’t the first Grudge film to be made, three were released in the U.S. alone. Yet, the reboot seems as if it will be a worthy addition to the canon.

The series focuses on those affected by a curse created in a house in Suginami by a deceased family’s rage that destroys the lives of everyone it comes in contact with. Known as “the ju-on”, this curse causes its victims to become fatally afflicted with it, leading to a new curse being born and passed along like a virus to all those who enter the family residence. The reboot takes place in the U.S. and it follows a detective investigating a serious of suspicious deaths coming from one house. The Grudge stars, Demian Bechir, John Cho and Andrea Risenburgh. Check out the trailer here.

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