January 29, 2023

Lucasfilm today dropped a sizzle reel for its Star Wars games. Although there have been mobile titles and appearances in Fortnite,  actual new game releases have been scant. 

Unfortunately, the sizzle reel did not disclose new titles, but a rebrand of sorts. In a statement on the StarWars.com site, the company stated “StarWars.com is thrilled to reveal that Lucasfilm Games is now the official identity for all gaming titles from Lucasfilm, a name that encompasses the company’s rich catalog of video games and its eye toward the future.” What does this mean, while developers will remain the same. Whether your EA or Respawn all games involving the Star Wars Universe will fall under the Lucasfilm umbrella.

Also, changing. Howe they will communicate with fans. The company also announced the launch of social channels on Twitter and Facebook which will deliver breaking news directly to fans. Let’s hope the next news will be new titles. 

Until then check out the Lucasfilm sizzle reel here.

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