February 9, 2023

PS5 drops next week. Along with it will be the launch of Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Today Insomniac Games dropped what they call a Cinematic Trailer for the game, entitled “Be Yourself”.

First, trailer content aside. It’s great to see Sony and Insomniac throw resources behind this release and treat a non Peter Parker storyline with seriousness.  As to the trailer itself. It does not disappoint.

In the trailer we see that Miles can take a punch, but he also gives as good as he gets. If the trailer is any indication of the game. Folks are in for one hell of a treat.  It’s great to see the Morales incarnation of the web slinger continue to get more shine. From pulp, to animated feature and now video game treatment. Can full blown live action feature film be far behind? We hope not. 

In the meantime, peep the trailer for Spider-Man: Miles Morales here.


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