Fashion is always evolving – what is prominent this year might lose its’ luster the next. One article of clothing that has never gone out of style is the men’s undershirt. This fashion staple was originally created to prevent your outer wear from drawing sweat and odor, yet the undershirt has become a fashion statement within itself. If it has never been more than an afterthought in your dresser drawer then take notes on how these garments provide great functionality and the opportunity to style yourself with a classic clean look.

The Tank Top a/k/a “Wife Beater”

Undershirts come in varying styles with the tank top being one of the more popular selections almost reaching an iconic status. The tank top, also known as a “wife beater,” is a form fitting, low-cut top with shoulder straps. This piece is often sported independently during warmer seasons, but its’ main function is to keep the underlying body from showing and making dress shirts less transparent which is key with any formal or business casual outfit.
White Tank Top

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