February 8, 2023

Nick Rosello of Tri-Latino 2

Running marathons and hard-core training were nothing new for Nick Rosello, 40, who joined the group in 2009. The financial analyst from Brooklyn had gotten serious about his health in 2006 when seeing a video of himself at 230 pounds left him stunned. Rosello decided to recapture his student athleticism — he rowed crew and was a long distance runner – and began running again to lose weight. One year and 55 pounds later, Rosello decided to run the New York City Marathon and began training with local running clubs when he met TriLatino founders. Once they started a club, he jumped in. “It was a no brainer – it was the people,” Rosello said of what made the club different than other groups he’d trained with.

“The first time I hung out with that core group it’s like I was a home, it felt familiar and I was hooked.”

The self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, Rosello, who has Panamanian and Puerto Rican roots, went from marathons to triathlons to the big daddy of events, The Iron Man, which he successfully completed at Lake Placid with his TriLatino team in 2011. “When I was ready to do Iron Man, I couldn’t see doing a race of that magnitude without people I called family,” Rosello recalls.

The family, if TriLatino has anything to do with it, will continue to grow in the years to come.

“We’ve had people want to start clubs in cities like Washington, DC and Boston,”

Stevenson says.

“In 15 years, I see TriLatino being in a number of cities all over the country.”

Tri Latino Group in NYC

With the strong bonds competition fosters and the welcoming atmosphere Tri-Latino offers, its clear TriLatino will continue to impact lives wherever they choose to go.

Interested in joining? Simply want to learn more? For more information about TriLatino visit their website, www.trilatino.org

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