Don’t air grievances

“Many companies [have] opt[ed] to host their gathering at the office. While it will help minimize costs this decision can be looked down upon” Parris clarified. “This isn’t the place to be questioning leadership on being cheap. Many employees put very unreal expectations on their employer which could lead to potentially ousting themselves as someone who is poisoning the workplace.”


Do be social

While it is easier to stick to colleagues you already know, “make it a point to chat with your direct supervisor, any executive leadership present and coworkers outside of your department,” says Parris. “This is your prime opportunity to advance your profile at work and congratulating them on their individual successes in the past year is always a nice touch.”

If you abide by these tips you’ll be able to make the most of your holiday function while avoiding becoming the subject of office gossip and being labeled a party monster.



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