If you didn’t know, now ya know!!! Yes, the cult classic Scarface is getting the remake treatment. It’s been in development at Universal Pictures for some time, but is being fast-tracked. Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, The Equalizer) was initially attached to direct, however, according to Variety he’s getting squeezed by Sony Pictures to crank out a sequel to The Equalizer. Due to conflicts he’s bowing out.

Scarface 2.0 is supposed to be set in Los Angeles, and address the plight of the Mexican immigrant as opposed to the 1983 film starring Al Pacino which focused on the Cuban marielito experience or the 1932 original which focused on the Italian immigrant story.

If you ask us, it’s a film that simply shouldn’t be re-made. It’s a classic for many a man and a cult favorite in the film and hip-hop communities. While Fuqua has a knack for capturing the gritty underbelly of Los Angeles, it’s hard to imagine the film surpassing the 1983 remake. Plus, is this really the kind of immigrant tale that needs telling in these times? But this is Hollywood, where pursuit of the almighty dollar often win’s the day.

In further development news on the film, it appears that Diego Luna (Rogue One, Y tu mamá también) is attached to star. This however, remains unconfirmed. If true, at least there making authentic casting choices this go-around. While Pacino’s Tony Montana was unforgettable, let’s face it, part of the success of his portrayal is how laughable the accent was at certain moments and it was as much a caricature as you will find.

What do you think of Fuqua dropping out? Luna opting in? Good, bad or just plain ugly? For some good retro-fun check out the original trailer for the 1983 below.

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