December 7, 2021

Undeniable Impact

The show was also a springboard for entertainers, newsmakers; politics and tragedy. All all shared the same stage. Before that “Latin Explosion” folks love to talk about artists like Ricky Martin and Shakira were launching their careers on the show. Don Francisco was a stop on the campaign trails for folks like George W. Bush and Barack Obama. When the Chilean miners were being rescued Don Francisco was talking about it.

It’s important to note that Kreutzberger is an example of what a media empire can be. Don Francisco, like a true don, owns the rights to the show he created. He shaped its image and brand since its debut in Chile. At a time when so many shows live and die based on the decisions of others, Francisco was always in the drivers’ seat. It’s safe to say that the entertainment giants we know like Emilio Estefan and Robert Rodriguez borrowed a page from Kreutzberger’s playbook.

Need proof? Celebs, entertainers and past guests like Jorge Ramos, Daddy Yankee, Juanes and Enrique Iglesias appeared live (or streamed in) to bid the don adieu. Even President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama sent a recorded goodbye.

Above everything else, Sabado Gigante reminded us all of home in some way. From the over the top gags, the karaoke competitions and the roving segments that Don Francisco filmed in Latin America. It delivered faces and places we needed and wanted to see and hear but couldn’t find on American TV.

That is why millions took three hours out of their Saturday nights to sit and watch with the abuelitas and tios every week. That is why Sabado Gigante will be “hasta siempre.”

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