Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker

Okay, you’ve got the grill going, but who’s manning the drink station? If you’re lucky, someone will have invested in Margaritaville’s Mixed Drink Maker. The drink maker can whip up 48 mixed drinks at the push of a button. And if you get tired of sipping on the same old thing, hit the “I Feel Lucky” button and let the machine pour you a surprise concoction. $299.99


The food’s been cooked and the guests have been fed. As you sit there with a full heart and a fuller belly, you suddenly wonder, “Who’s going to clean the grill?” The answer is no one, or more specifically, the Grillbot. Instead of expending massive amounts of elbow grease, let this Zamboni-esque machine handle all the tedious scrubbing for you. Simply press the button and Grillbot’s trio of electric motors and wire brushes clear away all of the barbecue gunk.

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