In Episode 6 of Power entitled “Inside Man”, pressure mounts and so do the lies. Here is this week’s Power recap.

Money Moves Everything Around Me 

We begin with the biggest deception the season. Tariq is the mastermind behind his own kidnapping. Ghost and Tommy scramble to figure out how to get the two-million-dollar ransom to Vincent. They go back to what they do best – push product. Tommy can get enough to sell from Jason, but needs clean money to do it. Ghost knows who to shakedown for the cash. He approaches Tate about a loan. Tate is quick to give Ghost the “F*&k You!”, but Ghost reminds him he has a recording of the embezzlement from his campaign. With that, Tate makes the call.

Meanwhile, Tommy is at his warehouse getting the product from Jason, who inquires why Tommy needs so much? But Tommy plays it close to the vest. Now Jason’s interest is really peaked. Aside from funding, Ghost is talking to Dre about distribution. Help get more soldiers on the streets to move more product in time. In return, Ghost will introduce Dre to Jason for the position of Distro. Dre questions why Ghost would trust him, Ghost responds – he doesn’t. Enter Alphonse to work with/babysit Dre.

It’s all hands-on deck as product moves through the city.  Tommy and Ghost get the money. Yet, as they drive to the ransom drop off-Tariq pick-up, a very pissed off Jason stops them. Jason is none too happy to see Tommy and Ghost working together. He thinks he’s being duped. As a form of punishment takes half the ransom money. Two steps forward, one step back.

Ghost and Tommy have no choice but to go Vincent’s with only half the ransom. Vincent is not pleased. He brings out Tariq for proof of life, but also gives him a beat down with a bag of oranges. A straight old-school Godfather moment. They have another 24 hours to get the money.


A Mother’s Work Is Never Done

Tasha is approached by Vincent in front of her day care. He tells her that he has Tariq …but no worries as long Ghost and Tommy come through with the money. She storms into Tommy’s to see Tommy, Keisha and Ghost already plotting on how to launder the money. Tasha offers to do it through the daycare, but Keisha is quick to squash it.  So, Tasha agrees to help with Keisha with the books. In the process of “money laundering 101”, Zigg shows up for his payment on the drugs Tasha’s been moving. To further complicate matters, as Zigg drops off more product for Tasha, Detectives Rodriguez and McCall show up looking to talk to Tariq about Proctor’s murder.

In shock of hearing about his death, Tasha meets up with Ghost yet again, to explain the situation. They figure out a plan – get Vincent to let the detectives interview Tariq. It works, Tasha gets Tariq and meets with Rodriguez and McCall. She listens to Tariq talk about that night, and right away realizes the boy is lying. Tasha confronts Tariq after, in the exchange Tariq explains he heard that Vincent is going to kill  them all after he gets the money. If they couldn’t lift Tariq at the drop off, at least they got super valuable intel.


A Moment of Truth

Ghost, Tommy and Tasha come up with a plan to get the remainder of the ransom.  Rob the benefit at Truth.  Cue to the benefit, as we see Tate, Ghost and Tasha working the crowd. Dre sees 2-bit and Spanky and knows something is up. Dre breaks out before they see him.  Alphonse, 2-bit and Spanky suit up and now are ready to rob the room. Boom!!! The trio busts in and start taking all the money and valuables. As they talk, Tate recognizes Alphonse’s voice, as Alphonse chats Ramona up and puts a shotgun to her head. Ghost secretly passes a gun to Tate who then shoot and kills Alphonse, while Spanky and 2-Bit escape with cash in hand.

The end result. Tate gets a robber and solid press, Ghost & Co. the cash and a chance to save Tariq. It’s a win, win all around.

After the Truth robbery, Ghost and Tommy show up to the meeting place for the exchange. Vincent gets his cash and is ready to kill them all. When in saunters Benny (Proctors cousin) and his crew who serve as back for Ghost. Ghost met with Benny earlier, soliciting his help in exchange for information about Proctor’s death. In order to prevent a war in the among the Italian families Vincent backs down.

Tommy, in thanking Benny for his help, finds out that Benny is there because Ghost gave him the name of Proctor’s killer. In a slight glance Ghost figures out that it was Tommy who killed Proctor. As he talks to Tasha about it they both come the realization that Tariq helped him and has been playing them the whole time

Tariq is taking the game to the next level, but is he smarter then Ghost? Will Dre be found out buy his old crew? The truce is over between Tommy and Ghost, so are they back to killing each other? Lots of questions, twists and turns yet to come.

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