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If you’ve tuned into the series Mayan’s MC, you could not help but notice a certain scene stealer. This actor isn’t riding a Harley, part of a rebellion or cartel. She’s taking down outlaws in a whole different kind of way.  With her heart, honesty and good old fashion familial love. Emily Tosta, brings all these qualities off the page and to the character Letty, the estranged daughter of a club member. If you’ve seen Tosta on the show, you knew it was simply a matter of time before she’d be on to even bigger roles.

Enter Party of Five–no not the 90’s TV show. This is a reboot of that series, which recently premiered on FreeForm. The initial show is about a group of siblings forced to fend for themselves and one another after the sudden death of their parents. The current incarnation updates that premise in a very topical way. The matriarch and patriarch of the Acosta family, are deported by ICE back to Mexico. Forced to leave their five children behind. The siblings must now look after one another and fend off an administration looking for any excuse to separate them. The premise of the show has already garnered praise for its modern take and has fans (old and new) anticipating it’s airing.

Emily Tosta, who plays Lucia Acosta, is the equivalent of Julia Salinger played by Neve Campbell. Tosta has a story not too dissimilar from that of her character. The actress from the Dominican Republic with Venezuelan roots emigrated to the US at a mere 12 years old on a tourist visa and never looked back. ‘LLERO had a chance to chat with Emily to talk the themes the show will explore, her preparation to play Lucia and what’s in store for Letty. 

‘LLERO: The new version of Party of Five really puts a new and relevant spin on the premise of the show. Especially given today’s political climate. Will the show explore those culturally relevant themes such as immigration?

Emily Tosta: It absolutely will! The creators have done a magnificent job at telling such an authentic story, they are not afraid of breaking boundaries and bringing realism and rawness to the show. I’m looking forward to talking about topics and stories that matter. 

‘LL: Is your character of Lucia Acosta at all like that of Julia Salinger?

ET: They are very different, but I think some of the similarities would be how they’re both very intelligent and also Lucia struggles a lot with not wanting to embrace the responsibilities that come with suddenly being this ‘parental figure’, just like Julia was. 

‘LL: Did you watch the prior incarnation to research the current role?

ET: My little sister on the show, Elle (who plays Valentina) and I would watch the previous Party of Five together while we were filming our pilot in Canada. 

‘LL: The current incarnation is as timely a story as one could ask for. What do you hope viewers take away from the show?

ET: I hope viewers take away a message of love and the force in unity. At the end of the day, in the midst of chaos and trauma, you should always be able to turn to your loved ones for kindness, strength, and understanding.

‘LL: On the opposite side of the spectrum, you also have a recurring role on Mayans MC as Coco’s daughter, Leticia. What’s it like working on such testosterone laden show?

ET: It’s so much fun! The guys have become like my brothers, we are constantly joking around and teasing each other. It’s such a wonderful environment and I am so lucky to work with all of them, they are seriously so kind and incredible! Almost all of my scenes, I’m the only girl with them and they make me feel so welcomed that it never even feels like that! 

‘LL: The relationship between Leticia and Coco is slowly being fleshed out and evolving, yet in a very authentic way. What can we expect from that relationship in the future? And specifically, Leticia’s story arc?

ET: I honestly know as much as the viewers know haha. I love what the writers have been doing with Leticia and Coco’s relationship, it continues to evolve into a space of trust and support for Leticia, which is something she never imagined she could have (with anyone for that matter). Although they’re both dealing with their own inner demons, it is lovely to always see them turn to each other for strength. I’m excited to see what the creators have in store for season 3. They always surprise me haha! 

‘LL: You’ve been very successful in your career thus far. Any words of advice for those young Latinx actors looking to break into the business?

ET: Thank you so much! I would tell them to work hard and stay focused, no matter what obstacles try to come in your way. Constantly educate yourself, never stop doing the work. And always carry yourself with love, kindness and respect for others. 

Tune into to see Emily Tosta on Party of Five on FreeForm on Wednesday’s.

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