December 8, 2021


Sear a juicy slab of red meat for a one-two punch of iron and zinc, plus vitamin B12. Both nutrients help transport oxygen to the muscles and zinc, like magnesium, assists muscle with contraction. “Iron also breaks down food into energy that the muscles can use,” White explains. “Without enough of it the body will break down quicker.”
Stick to lean cuts like top-round or flank steak to trim calories.


Grab a hand full or two of these crunchy munchies. “Nuts have mono- and poly-unsaturated, protein and fiber,” White says. “They’re also high in Vitamin E, which not only delivers nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, but also diminishes free radical damage. Plus it helps rid the body of metabolic waste such as lactic acid and eases muscle soreness.”

This super food is high in magnesium as well another key player in aiding muscle contraction. They pack in calories, too, if you’re looking to raise your intake.

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