‘LL: What’s a total turn off?
MB: Bad kissers.

‘LL: What’s your biggest turn on?
MB: Cologne and suits.

‘LL: What’s your ideal first date?
MB: My ideal first date would depend on how well I know the person. For instance, if we kind of know each other, dinner would be a start. If it’s a blind date I would do coffee so I’m not stuck.

‘LL: What’s your ideal man like? (physically and personality)
MB: Compassionate, intelligent, funny, tall, dark and handsome.

‘LL: Favorite body part on a guy?
MB: Chest 🙂

‘LL: Best and/or worst pick-up line you’ve heard?
MB: Excuse me, have we met before?

‘LL: Favorite place to travel to & why?
MB: Cabo — the one place I can go and shut the world off and feel safe and comfortable.

‘LL: What do you feel sexiest wearing?
MB: Pencil skirt, blouse and high heels.

‘LL: Favorite sports team?
MB: Lakers baby.

LL: Favorite food?
MB: Sushi.

Monica Blanco in bathing suit on a boat



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