Monica Blanco in brown hat

‘LL: Starting a business is a huge endeavor. How did you started?
MB: I started my business on the side of my regular legal secretary job. I had a thought and ran with it! Gave it my all and here I am.

‘LL: What have been some of your toughest challenges?
MB: Some of my toughest challenges have been finding my balance with all the different hats I wear on a daily basis. Mother, businesswoman, friendships etc.

‘LL: What are some lessons that you’ve learned?
MB: I’ve learned when to say no. I over extended myself for so many years. Now, if it’s not making me happy, money or I’m not learning, I pass!

‘LL: What would people be surprised to know about you?
MB: I’m clumsy! Ugh, I trip over my own feet :/

`LL: On to some of the fun stuff. What’s your favorite thing about Latino men?
MB: Family values.

`LL: Conversely, what is your least favorite thing about Latino men?
MB: Controlling, jealous, possessive LOL.

‘LL: Any advice for single men out there?
MB: Let her be who she is.

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