Any visit to the doctor or to a hospital is typically a stressful situation.  But, to later found out that you weren’t properly treated can be both devastating as well as infuriating.  Medical negligence can vary greatly, but it is important that you know your rights if it does.

Working in the medical profession is one of the most rewarding professions, but also one of the most dangerous.  One human error mistake can be the difference between life and death. Medical professionals need to take extra precaution when treating their patients to make sure everything goes as it should.

But, unfortunately, there are times that it doesn’t.  And when it doesn’t, you need to speak up about it. Let’s look at some of the common reasons why you might be able to sue for medical malpractice.


This has been the most common reason for medical professionals to be sued by their patients.  Whether a patient has been misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all, the patient could suffer life-threatening consequences as a result.  The Institute of Medicine identified that most people will experience at least one diagnostic error in their life. What a scary statistic that could be.

It is always recommended that people get a second opinion and this is the reason why.  You know and understand your body and health more than anyone else, so if something doesn’t seem right, pursue it.  You have nothing to lose by getting the opinion of someone else to be sure.

Errors in Surgery

This one is extremely scary as we have heard so many stories of people who passed away while being on the surgery table.  Things such as anesthesia errors, wrong patient operations, leaving tools inside of a body, or surgery on the wrong part are all reasons why errors can happen on the surgery table.

Another cause of errors in surgery could be fatigue.  Many surgeons have to perform various surgeries throughout the day and can get tired as a result.  Or, there is always a chance that a surgeon may have to step in to help with a surgery that wasn’t on their regular agenda.  As careful as surgeons can be, their fatigue can cause them to do something they would never do when completely energized.

It is also possible that there has been miscommunication amongst the medical team.  When surgery is planned, many medical health professionals communicate to set up the best care possible for you.  Somewhere along the line, with that many professionals involved, there could be miscommunication. And, one little misstep in communication can lead to traumatic results.

Obstetrics Errors

Knowing that you are about to have a baby can be one of the most exciting times in your life.  It is also one of the most nervewracking times in your life as you want to be sure that both Mom and the baby are healthy.  The failure to perform prenatal tests as well as failure to constantly monitor the pregnancy can lead to severe issues that could have been prevented.

Another mistake that can happen is during the actual delivery itself.  Problems during the delivery that could lead to birth injuries can have life-threatening effects.  Brain injuries to the baby have been frequently reported during the delivery. Negligence during the entire delivery period can lead to enormous risks to both the mother and the baby.  

Errors in Treatment

The most common problem here comes in the form of prescription drugs.  Not being prescribed the appropriate medicine can lead to internal failures.  Much of this can be prevented by telling your doctor as much as you can about yourself including any potential allergies or side effects that you have experienced.

This problem has been extended to those who may have mental health issues.  Prescribing the wrong medication and dosage can prove to be fatal. Many people who struggle to feel like themselves put their lives in the hands of medical professionals who should be able to find ways to help them cope with their issues.

Added injuries that occur in physical therapy could lead to malpractice.  Physical therapy should know the appropriate amount of limits your body can take and take you through the safest process possible.  Speaking up when something doesn’t feel right is also a measure that you want to be sure that you take. Don’t push yourself beyond your limits.

Cancer patients commonly report errors in radiation treatment.  Receiving the wrong amount of radiation can be fatal. Having open communication with the doctor ahead of time and fully understanding what their plan is for your body is extremely important to know what is exactly going to happen to your body and what should occur as a result.

Constant Monitoring

When you are in the care of a medical professional, you should be under constant monitoring.  Understaffing in hospitals has lead to many complications in the surgery room, delivery room, and general medical treatment room.  When you are under anesthesia, you have no way of communicating anything you are feeling to your doctor. It is the job of the medical professionals to watch you constantly to notice if anything seems to be drifting away from the norm.

Your Next Steps

Medical professionals do everything in their power to make sure that you are safe.  Their job, along with your life, is the line. They got into the medical profession to help people heal.  Mistakes happen and it is not always attributed to malpractice.

If you feel that you have been injured, suffered severe side effects, or have been neglected by your doctor, you should consider speaking with a malpractice attorney.  If you feel that your problem was caused during surgery, you should speak with a surgical error attorney.

It can be a scary situation to enter into, but it could protect your life as well as the lives of many others who may have experienced the same concerns or issues that you have.  If people don’t speak up, medical professionals will never take the appropriate steps to rectify the situation.

It is important that you understand, if you have hesitation, that medical professionals have a legal duty to act within a specific standard of care.  When they are not upheld, those responsible should be held accountable. You may be the voice that is needed to save many others from the same situation.

As with any type of situation, you need to do your homework ahead of time.  Keep all records that have been provided to you as well as all prescriptions.  Speak with the appropriate parties as needed, but make sure you have follow through.

There are many online sites with famous medical malpractice suits that you could connect with.  But, your absolute best bet when you feel like something isn’t right is to contact an attorney. With their experience, they will be able to identify proper steps you should take and if you have a case at all.

By taking care of yourself, you are taking care of others down the line.  It is important that our health and the health of everyone else is properly being taken care of by medical professionals.

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