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he Mayans MC season finale opens with EZ awakening with Gaby by his side. Seems like she’s accepted his choice. He tells her he just needs to take care of one last club matter then he’s all hers. We then cue to Angel and Stephanie making love, but Angel’s mind is clearly on Adelita. Finally, we see Miguel Galindo getting the news that Palomo has been assassinated.

And so, opens, “Chapter the Last, Nothing More to Write”.

We then cut to Emily, awakening from her drug induced slumber. From the empty medication cup to the drug residue on the wine bottle, she realizes exactly what went down the night before. Meanwhile Alvarez, in a symbolic moment takes off his Mayans ring. Seemingly off to kill EZ as he’s been tasked with by Miguel. As he departs Nestor shows up. Clearly on baby-sitting detail.

Last Train to Yuma

Meanwhile EZ, Angel and Gilly are tending to that last bit of MC business EZ mentioned.  Having already solved their Ramos problem, the Santo Padre Mayans now have their sights set on killing Canche, president of the Yuma charter, leaving Bishop as the sole king. The plan: One of Santo Padre’s female bartenders will bring her car to an auto repair garage that Canche and his men frequently meet at, claiming the car is making a weird noise. In the trunk, though, will be a bomb that EZ, Angel and Gilly can remotely detonate from their phone, which they’ll do as soon as Canche is inside the garage. The bomb plan hits a glitch when Canche brings his kid to the garage. In Angel’s words “I ain’t killing a kid today”. 

EZ devises a plan to draw the kid away and detonate the bomb. Just as draws the child away Canche locks eyes on EZ, EZ hightails it out, and blows the place. Word gets back to the MC that the target was hit, and the child spared. The mission is a success and Bishop is the new king. EZ however is in the same space Steve was last episode. He blames himself for all the events that have unfolded over the past year.  He tells Angel he needs to leave.  Angel tells EZ “this club is my family, but I only have one real brother.  If I look across that table and not see you, I’ll miss you, but I don’t think this is what would have made mom proud of you”.

Later, Tucson charter prez Ibarra — who set all this in motion weeks ago when he requested Santo Padre’s help with getting heroin into prisons — meets with the other Mayan presidents, suggesting that all the charters move on from this mess peacefully. “We forgive each other’s trespasses. We move forward,” Ibarra says, and Oakland president Diaz finally, slowly nods in agreement with Ibarra’s proposition.

As Ibarra is about to end the meeting, Diaz reminds him he can finally put his cut back on, and Ibarra happily turns around so Diaz can put the vest on him. But the mood in the room is heavy, not celebratory, and Ibarra is about to find out why: “F—k your trespasses, and f—k your king,” Diaz says while Ibarra’s back is turned, suddenly shooting Ibarra in the head. And just seconds before he does? None other than a not-dead-at-all Canche arrives and stands in the doorway.

Moving On

As EZ is packing, Emily arrives at his trailer. EZ cops to Emily about leaving. She recounts how they read 100 Years of Solitude together, and the part that haunted her was the killing of the soldier. EZ picks up, how it was a wrong interpretation of the soldier’s cards. She feels like there was a wrong interpretation of their cards. They were supposed to grow old together with kids. But, she pleads for him to go and find that.

Meanwhile we see Gaby, as she stops by the shop to say goodbye to Felipe. She shares how EZ is coming with her. It dismays Felipe. He shares how his wife Marisol tried to save him. And she is trying to do that with EZ. He warns her, your too good for it. Your like Marisol don’t do it, because EZ is broken. He warns her to save herself, “if anything were to happen to you, I wouldn’t be able to take it”.

Just then EZ arrives at Felipe’s shop.  Felipe tells EZ, Gaby is gone. He knows what transpired. “Let her go, it’s better this way”.  EZ is beside himself.  As he leaves to find Gaby, Alvarez and Nestor tail him to carry out the hit. As they pursue EZ, Alvarez lets him go. He tells Nestor, “I guess I know where my loyalties lie”. As Nestor gets the drop on Alvarez, Alvarez in turn gets the drop on Nestor. “You gotta choose now, you want to be a dead errand boy, or your own fucking man”.   Esta heaaaaaavy.

Welcome Back Potter

The action then shifts to Adelita. Seems like Agent Linares is next on her Michael Corelone revenge tour – or is she?  Linares spills the beans on what went down and how it went down, also gives up Potter’s location – he’s baaack! Linares has a chance to take Adelita out. But passes. Good move, as Adelita spares her. Sort of – drop dime Adelita and Linares child dies. Next stop for Adelita – Potter of course.

We then get our first look at Potter all season. He calls Miguel, and tells him, the Galindo cartel is essentially going to taken down in less than 45 minutes. Full on raid, seizure of property, accounts, you name it. Miguel is going down. Miguel immediately calls Emily, but she doesn’t take the call. Next call is to her security detail. He says the “remote possibility” we talked about – it’s happening. Follow the plan.

Seems like Potter has  found love and a family south of the border. But it looks like Adelita has found him.  Yet, Adelita fails to heed Agent’s warning, not to believe a word Potter says, Potter cleverly creates leverage – Adelita’s son is alive. So, Potter is spared.

As Alvarez and Nestor recon, they get word about the Cartel’s impending demise. As Miguel awaits Emily and sees her truck pull up, her security detail gets out – sans Emily and Cristobal. The guard simply hands Miguel a wedding ring and the pills. We cue to Emily who arrives at her sisters with her son. Galindo is now truly on his own.

Meth  Mountain

Finally, the episode gives us some Coco closure. He is still at Meth Mountain. Being tortured by its leaders. As the leader of Meth Mountain is about to do Coco in Creeper arrives and raids the place, by setting bombs to various trailers. As they are about to escape, Meth Mountain leader Isaac comes out with Hope. She has the choice – go or stay – she chooses to stay. It’s a heartbreaking moment for Coco, but he relents. But not really, as Isaac still indicates he will torture and eventually kill Hope, Coco puts a bullet in him. and they depart with Hope in tow.

Civil War

EZ returns to MC, now seemingly fully embracing who he is. We also see Felipe who has his own epiphany and finally releases Marisol’s ashes at the border.

As EZ steps outside, suddenly, the gate gets rammed by something large on the other side. EZ slowly approaches the gate as Molotovs keep landing around him, and he readies his gun — but that will be no match for the angry mob of Mayans, from multiple charters, standing on the other side of the gate, brandishing guns and yelling as they try to bust through to Santo Padre’s turf.

And so, ends Season 3. Will Santo Padre survive the Mayans civil war? Will Miguel be on the lamb for good? How will Emily cope now that she’s flying solo? Is this the last we’ve seen of Gaby? Oh, will Potter live or die? So many questions left unanswered.

But there is good news. Mayans MC has been renewed for Season 4.

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