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Mayans MC returned last night for Season 3 with a special two-episode premiere.  “Pap Struggles with the Death Angel” and “The Orneriness of the King”.  There is a whole lot to unpack since we left the MC and it ain’t good.

Dita’s Death Looms Large

As the episode opens, Reyes patriarch Felipe is still distraught about Dita’s death. Quite literally unable to get out of bed. All too noticeable by EZ when he drops by for a visit. Big brother Angel seems to fare no better drowning his sorrows in women and booze. Other club members have also fallen on hard times. Coco and Letty aren’t’ vying for any father-daughter of the year awards. Letty has dropped out of school and Coco seems to have developed an addiction to Oxycontin.

On the other side of town in Cartel land, things aren’t rosy either. Miguel Galindo, is still clearly reeling from the death of his mother. He pays a visit to her therapist for some insight.  While he is successful in venting feelings, not as much in learning about her treatment. Good old doctor-patient confidentiality keeps him from learning the truth. Miguel’s response? Have the therapist killed. Well…some things haven’t changed.


It appears that Santo Padre has had to deal with its own lockdown. No, not the corona virus. But, in the form of Federal border patrol agents clamping down the crossway, combing the streets of Santo Padre and detaining undocumented immigrants.

The lockdown has hurt all involved. The agro park project Emily and Miguel were awarded has fallen on hard times due to their inability to bring materials and resources for the job from Mexico. The MC is forced to move way less product than they are accustomed to. Even employing some locals to serve as mules.

Club Warfare

When you mix a bar fight with soldiers and a blown mule drop off you’ve got undue attention and failure to earn. Not a good combo to bring to club leadership. Exactly what happens to Angel and EZ.

When Santo Padre shows up empty-handed to their next meeting with the Mayan Kings, the chill is in the air. In order to make up for the profit losses they’re experiencing during the border shutdown, the Kings tell Santo Padre to start providing twice the heroin they normally do, which Bishop counters is “an impossible f—kin’ ask” before refusing altogether, daring the Kings to survive without Santo Padre’s pipeline.

Love Is in The Air

A welcome piece of good news. Since last season it appears EZ has found a love interest. Letty’s friend Gabby seems to have captured EZ’s heart. As they go for an evening walk, EZ and Gabby share how they complement one another. She learns English from him, and he learns Spanish from her. This is where Mayans hits some of its cultural highpoints and shows it’s more than testosterone and machismo. When EZ tells Gabby, “Spanish, I can read it and write it; I just get clumsy when I need to speak it sometimes” he conveys what many first-generation Latinos have experienced growing up in the U.S.

The episode ends however on a somber note. With our protagonists all in some form of isolation, literal and figurative. Showing just how much the turn of events have altered their outlook and lives.

The Rebel Alliance

Not much was mentioned of Los Olvidados in the first part of the premiere. That changes big time at the outset. As they make a statement by hijacking a vehicle and killing the drivers. Or does it serve some higher purpose? And so opens part two of the premiere “The Orneriness of Kings.” 

Moving On

In an effort to console himself it seems like Miguel has been making company with Governor Sederica Palomo. Meanwhile Felipe is still clearly in mourning over the death of Dita. As EZ checks in on him he remains in a virtually comatose state. Gabby decides to stay and give the Reyes household a female touch.

At the clubhouse, Bishop informs the club that the Kings want him out. If the members have any ideas – now is the time to speak up. Angel wants to essentially flip them the bird, while EZ has an idea he keeps it close to the vest. He shares his disagreement with Angel who basically tells him your no longer a Prospect, so grow a pair and speak up next time.

Adelita Returns

It looks like the Feds will indeed release Adelita. We witness a caravan deliver her to the border. They are met by their counterparts at the border who take Adelita into custody. It however is a ruse, as they are in fact members of Los Olvidados who have rescued her with the very same vehicle they jacked at the opening of the episode. Well played rebel forces!

EZ’s Play

Angel’s stern word paid off. He approaches Bishop with his idea. It’s good enough to warrant another session at the clubhouse table. The Tucson chapter is invited and EZ lays out the plan in a forceful manner. He proposes they solve the trafficking issue by running through Tucson who serves as distribution point, resulting in the dethroning of Kings Canche and Ramos. It’s risky but Tucson is in and EZ has earned his stripes.

EZ’s proposal to the club wasn’t the only successful play.  Leaving Gabby with Felipe got him out his funk, if at least temporarily. And proved to be another connection point for EZ and Gabby.

The episode ends however on a dire note. What Mayan’s episode ever had a happy ending? It appears Adelita has fled the rebel’s compound. Galindo, still effected by Dita’s death kills his own security Paco – feeling he was negligent in protecting her. Meanwhile Coco’s Oxy problem leads him north and into a heap of trouble when he tries to rob his dealer.

There is a whole lot of Mayans left to unfold. Will EZ’s plan with Tucson pan out? Will his relationship with Gabby flourish or fizzle? What about Miguel Galindo? Will he finally drop the King Joffrey act? Then there is Coco. Will his next show be Rehab with Dr. Drew? We’ll have to tune in to find out.

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