Mayans MC opens with Coco having some childhood flashbacks. Seems that even as a child he helped is mother shoot heroine. Talk about rough childhood!  Coco soon awakens in his dealer’s cult/compound only to be injected with heroine himself by the mystery women that rescued him last week. This can’t be good for Coco.

So, opens “Overreaching Don’t Pay”.

Swing Big, Miss Big

Back in Santo Padre everyone is going about their own morning routines. Over at Felipe’s house EZ’s new boo Gabby continues to make the Reyes house a home. EZ is sticking to his exercise regimen. While Angel continues wallowing in women and booze in an attempt to get over Adelita.

Cut to the club, EZ takes the MC over the details of the Tucson plan. He and Angel will bring over 200 keys. Taza warns if anything goes wrong, that’s a massive debt they’ll owe. EZ doesn’t believe there will be any problems and reminds them that’s what they need to supply to Arizona in order to give Bishop the throne. Bishop has faith in his newest protege.

We then cut to the mule that was busted in the premiere. She gets a visit from Riz’s mother, Vicki who advises her to look out for herself, because the club won’t and holds up Riz as prime example. This is going to come back to bite the MC at some point, no?

Looks like part of the MC plan is to source product provided by Alvarez and the cartel and move it to Tucson. They need 250 kilos in a day. Not a lot of lead time, but Alvarez thinks he can make it happen.

Over at the Galindo’s things are still icy between Miguel and Emily, especially when it comes to how their child should be raised and Emily’s little sister Erin isn’t making things better.

Coco awakens from his drug induced slumber and tries to make a run for it, but that is short lived as he is apprehended by what seem to be a bunch of extras from Burning Man before he can get very far. Coco looks legit shook, but they let him leave. Practically assured Coco’s new addiction will make him return.

Not Afraid to Swing

As Angel and EZ make the rounds to carry out their parts of the plan. Angel warns EZ – if this fails folks will be gunning for him. EZ however remains as confident as ever. Which is exactly what Angel expected – a nice moment between the Reyes brothers.


The Mayans get a visit from SAMCRO with Happy leading the way. The message – they want to discuss Packer’s cancer and Happy reveals he’s running San Bernardino while Packer’s in chemo. This is just a courtesy call.

The atmosphere’s chilly as Allesandro and Happy warn Santo Padre don’t think about running anything through their turf without a heads up. Message heard and received.  

Allesandro explains they’re there out of respect to warn the Mayans that actions have consequences. We get a nice name drop too, when he finishes with, they don’t want “Jax Teller’s last wishes disrespected.”

Missed Big

The MC pays a visit to Vicki, seems like the tunnels under her home are key part of the plan. It serves as the delivery point to the Tucson drop. All is going according to plan until the police are spotted rolling up. All product goes back in the tunnel. With the help of the Steve the Prospect serving as a decoy they successfully retreat. One crisis averted. But another created – cuz they still got no product, and they are exposed. More importantly, someone clearly snitched here.  Vicki? The imprisoned mule? Someone not even on the radar?

As the MC wallow in their failure, they all retreat to old habits for comfort.  Coco in fact returns to the compound for another hit. EZ runs to Gabby. Bishop to his ex.  Angel more women and booze.

Then we get a surprise.  As Angel is intimate with his latest conquest, a light turns on his room – it’s Adelita – doing her best imitation of Glen Close in Fatal Attraction.

This season continues to create more questions than it answers. What will be the fallout from the MC’s failed mission? Will Coco go over the edge?  Is a reconciliation in the works for Angel and Adelita? Hope episode four can answer some of these questions.

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