This is a (almost) spoiler-free recap of Mayans MC Season 2 premiere, titled “Xbalanque.” For a refresher, be sure to read our Season 1 Finale Recap here.

The Mayans MC season 2 premiere opens in a rather quiet manner for a Kurt Sutter show, but that quickly changes. EZ is driving a school bus of children to what looks like a local day care, but you know something will pop as Coco is also on the bus and tells EZ “It ain’t no fun if it can’t kill you.“

Yes, the kids on the school bus are clearly a cover for drop off/pick up of drugs.


Double Agents

Back at the MC, Bishop is handling club business, it seems like the product they are pushing from their new collaboration with the cartel and rebels is tainted. Users are overdosing. The solution? Plan drop offs at selected points and “see who turns blue”.

Another club matter is the double agent team up with the Potter mercenaries. As the Mayans are aware, Potter and his men have been trying to eliminate Los Olvidados by systematically hunting them across Mexico and killing all known associates. From the mercs p.o.v. they just need one last hit to wipe out the rebels for good. The Mayans accompany the mercs on this “last job,” under the guise of helping them kill the remaining rebels, they’re really there to protect the rebels (and themselves) as much as possible. Initially, everything goes according to plan, but things go off the rails when one of Adelita’s recruits, a young girl named Mini, is caught by a merc — the MC ain’t down with torturing children so they take out the mercs in a very bloody manner, however, one manages to escape. No Bueno.

Lincoln Potter pays a visit to Felipe, however, its cut short, presumably by an update about the Los Olvidados raid. After the visit from Potter, Felipe heads over to the MC to find EZ and Angel. Neither are there but Happy Lowman is, he spies Felipe and is shooook. Happy inquires further to Chucky, as to who Felipe is, Chucky tells him his sons are Mayans. Happy looks like he got the wind knocked out of him. So you knowwwww he had something to do with EZ’s mom. This is going to get worse before it gets better. Felipe finally does link up with EZ and gives the heads up about Potter. EZ knows somethings up, as he aptly says “Potter never does anything randomly”

At the MC the club gathers to pick up the pieces on the raid. They know they are exposed and realize it all can land on Adelita, who is preggers now. Cue to Potter and his escaped merc who conclude that after months of silence, with the recent spy and bloodshed, Adelita is back in business – and as Potter so aptly states – he “plans to facilitate the mercs hate.” Galindo gets the same word so pays a visit to Adelita to get her the necessary protection.


Quality Assurance

Well, the MC does manage to solve its QA problem. They invite the club members distributing the questionable product and test it at the club table. They drop a sample in some solvent. If it’s been cut, it will turn blue. When the product from Tucson is tested, well…. Tucson looks like we have a problem. However, its nothing that can’t be cleaned up. Seems like a young club member got a bit too entrepreneurial Tucson does clean it up, in a live by the sword, die by the sword kind of way. The MC also wants the Angel/EZ beef cleaned up too. EZ has his marching orders. He’s coming up for a patch vote.  And it has to be unanimous. Nuff’ said.


Not So Happy Land

Cue to Happy sorting through his personal war chest. He comes across files of EZ’s mother Marisol and Felipe when interrupted by a knock at his door. We then see EZ stopping by Angel’s place, not to clear beef. But to let him know, he knows who killed their mother.

This episode definitely upped its violence game. Yet, the series hasn’t lost sight of the story telling and aptly employs a number of plot twists and turns. The premiere certainly raised more questions than it answered. But, if it gave it all away too early, what would be left. We know we want to see more!

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