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Mayans M.C. opens with a Mayan’s brother from the Nevada chapter on the run from SAMCRO. SAMCRO eventually chases him down and kills him. It’s clear that the war between the Mayans and the Sons is in full effect. And so, opens “The Righteous Wrath of an Honorable Man.”

La Familia Reyes

We cue to EZ, who is experiencing nightmares, replaying all the moments he spent with Gabby. Conversely, Angel is enjoying time with his son. We see a light and energy that was clearly absent when he was with Nails. But it’s not all sunshine and roses. Adelita is having a problem getting the baby to feed and clearly lacks a connection with the child.

EZ then pays a visit to Felipe and does not come bearing good news. He finds out Felipe is closing the carniceria and shares the news of Gabby. Felipe understably does not take it well and breaks down in tears.

Los Lobos

It seems El Banquero’s mother has passed. It has immediate repercussions. His sister, Soledad summons him to discuss business. He has no interest and is taking his mother’s death hard. He does eventually make it to see his sister. But only to dress her down, ridicule her and claim the family business is his, regardless of their mother’s wishes. This clearly will be a future point of conflict


Back at the table Alvarez notifies the club, the only way to win the war is to wipe out the San Bernardino chapter of the Sons. It will be a show of strength that will serve as a warning for any retribution. He warns the brothers to be careful. The stakes will only get higher and more dangerous for them and their families. The club agrees that Alvarez can’t be a part of the mission as he is too senior and too valuable. Canche agrees to go on the mission to ensure its success.


After temple Angel and EZ caucus about Gabby. Angel apologizes to EZ for having to protect him. The two share a tender moment.

We then cue to Emily who is at her new job as a waitress. As she begins her shift, she spies someone looking for her and bolts. Putting her getaway plan into action. As she heads to the bus station, retrieves a bag full of cash and passport and high tails it out of town. She boards the bus for Covington, Kentucky, where her son and sister are.

All Family Debts Will be Settled

We then cue to Alvarez, seemingly enjoying a civilian interaction as he watches his daughter ride horses at the stables. Yet, in another world the Mayans are executing on their plan of attack by taking out various members of the Sons San Berndanio Chapter. As Angel, EZ Canche, Bishop and the rest of the crew kidnap a Son’s Prospect who drives them in via van straight into the SoA clubhouse. The crew take out the entire SAMCRO chapter dealing quite the blow. In a crazy turn of events EZ takes the opportunity of the crossfire to take out Canche!  EZ seems to be channeling his inner Michael Corleone. He is clearly the smartest of the lot but is reverting to the kill solution a bit too frequently.

Back at the M.C. the remaining brothers celebrate. Manny is however distraught. EZ offers false platitudes and encourages Manny to seek the VP slot at Yuma now that Canche is out of the picture. However, Manny knows EZ had a hand in Canche’s death.  Alvarez returns to the MC, shown the kuttes of the Sons and pays respects to Canche. 

Father Knows Best

Back at Angel’s Adelita continues to struggle with their son. His cries seem almost too much for her to bear. Yet, they cease upon Angel’s return.  Believe it or not, Angel seems to have the parental touch Adelita is missing. Adelita breaks down fearing she has brought the same trauma on to her son she experienced as a child.

Angel responds that “He’s pure, it’s our job to protect that, not end up fucked up like us. I love you, but if you leave again, he stays. Our baby stays.”

A Lobos-Galindo Alliance

We then cue to Miguel Galindo; it appears his captor from the last episode was El Banquero’s sister, Soledad. And in her words, “they have things to discuss”. Foreshadowing a future alliance. One that will presumably help her fend off her brother – El Banquero.

And so, closes “The Righteous Wrath of an Honorable Man.”


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