Episode 6 of Mayan’s M.C. opens in relatively calm form. However, don’t be fooled as there is plenty of action, turns and best of all tension. Titled “Gato Mis”, it might has well been named Father’s Day, because there is one hell of a lot of family drama playing out for dads in this episode.

Papa Reyes

Shit scared after the threat EZ’s dad Felipe laid on him last week, Agent Jimenez pays a visit to Papa Reyes to take his temperature on how serious he was about the threat to his family. Short story there – he’s deadly serious. But they do end up having a heart to heart. They are still family after all.

Felipe and his nephew bond over some old pictures. Felipe explained that he escaped his violent past through an excess of “blood and money.” They share a sweet day together, talking about how fucked up they both are. Jimenez is a little too emotional for the situation. One gets the feeling there is more to this little reencuentro than meets the eye. But we’re pretty sure, it’s nothing Felipe can’t see coming 10 steps ahead.

Papa Galindo

Over at the battle between the Galindo Cartel and Los Olvidades, Adelita makes a call to Miguel and family. Adelita gets straight to it and states who she is, who she represents and her demands for return of Miguel’s son: $7 million in crypto currency. He has to come across the border alone and he will be told where to locate his son Cristobal for the pick up. Miguel agrees – sort of. He tells his goons he’ll make payment and then “slaughter all of them.”

Yet, the rebels are just always one step ahead of Miguel. Once the wire is confirmed, they tell Miguel that Cristobal is in a blue car, just a few feet away. Miguel heads to the car, picks up Cristobal and is overjoyed to get him back. As Galindo walks back toward the border with his son in his arms he gets pulled aside and busted for heroin that was sewn into Cristobal’s blanket. Like we said Adelita is always just a step ahead of Miguel. Oh, and as for that slaughter Miguel promised. Well…

The rebels knew the little boy with the cut hand was a spy for Galindo. They take care of him accordingly. And when Galindo’s men show up to their hide out…they end up with nothing.

Papa Coco

While all of this is going on, EZ ends up meeting and rescuing a girl name Leti, who happens to be Coco’s daughter. OMG. Coco is a dad? Leti rolls back into town covered in bruises, with the corpse of a truck driver in the trunk of the stolen car she’s driving. Seems like they were partying together when he got a little too abusive so she took care of him. Now EZ needs to take care of her. EZ helps Leti clean up her mess, but it goes anything but smoothly. They do get through it and seem to make a nice team. Coco is forever grateful.

Yet, the best part of “Gato Mis” is the way this episode played out. You know peeps are far from done. It may be Galindo sitting in jail plotting his next move. Bishop rolling out under the impression that Coco is canoodling with Adelita instead of trying to do what’s right for his daughter. Or Felipe just waiting for Jimenez to act out before handling business.

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