Do What You Love: “It can’t be said enough. Find the stuff that moves you, that inspires passion in you that gets you up in the morning. That is what I find will make the biggest difference, as opposed to what you think you are supposed to do or what you think will make the most money or is going to give you the most power or success.”

Get Good at What You Love: “It’s not just, ‘work hard no matter what’ but work hard to be very, very good. Because if you can be very good at something, then you are going to be a resource. If you get very good at something, then it will be easier to demonstrate that to people or for people to notice. And if you can get good at more than one thing, then people will realize that you are really talented.”

Don’t Labor in the Dark Forever: “There’s a strong piece of our work ethic — “la humilidad” — that says ‘I am just here to serve, I am just part of the team, I just want to serve the greater good.’ That’s an absolutely great quality to have. But working so hard and so quietly that people don’t notice that you are doing a good job can work to your disadvantage in American society. So find a way to get your truly legitimate hard work, success and results recognized.”

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Elbert Garcia is a Dominican-American writer and communications strategist based in Miami. He is dedicated to organizing stories for change. Born and raised in Washington Heights, Garcia has spent the the last two decades in education, government and the media helping to shape messages and voices for public impact.

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