November 30, 2020

Her orgasms matter too… even more than yours

If one thing is as sure as death it’s that women talk, and best believe they talk about you. Do you want every woman within ear shot of your girl to learn that you’re a minute man? A selfish lover? That she has to turn to her sex toys after lying with you? If you don’t care about her satisfaction then more power to you, but if you want your sex life to be even moderately active, make sure at least one of every two women you hook up with gets off. Now, if you want to be a stud whose services are constantly in demand then make sure all of the women who become familiar with your love gun speak about you like you’re the living legend of Desperado.

Gossiping is for girls

Sure, Marvin Gaye heard some things through the grapevine, but it doesn’t mean that you have to have a hand in passing it on down, man. Gossiping, tattling, talking behind other peoples’ backs — that’s a girl’s game (emphasis on the word “girls”). The only thing a man has in this world is his word and his balls, but the minute you participate in the whispers, spreading of rumors, and slandering of the next person’s name based on someone else’s information or point of view, then the bond of your word went from 100% to .007% — and we ain’t talking James Bond. And as for your balls, they’ll be dismissed faster than the microfiber basketballs the NBA debuted in November 2006 and discarded in December 2006.

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