Victoria’s Secret Has Nothing on This

Don’t get the wrong idea when you see panties being tossed on New Years Eve. To leave the past behind this South American tradition calls for a change of undergarments before midnight; and not just any new pair. Wearing new, yellow underwear is believed to bring luck and wealth, as the color is associated with gold. A new, red pair brings passion and love for the year to come. The lingerie tradition dates back to the Middle Ages in Spain, when it was forbidden to wear bright colors. It was widespread belief that wearing yellow would bring good fortune, so the shocking color was worn underneath clothes. So whether it’s good luck or good love, make sure that all your garments are color coordinated on New Year’s Eve.


Keep it Clean

You shouldn’t start the New Year with last year’s bad mojo. Before the celebrations begin, it’s tradition to clean your slate by cleaning your house. It may sound like an excuse to wipe away the dust you’ve been avoiding but it’s a way to have your home be a reflection of a fresh beginning. Cubans are known to take the bucket of dirty water used to clean their homes and throw it outdoors at midnight. This guarantees bad energy is gone and allows for some serious cleansing. It’s sort of like spring-cleaning with a Latino twist.

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