It can be hard to realize a relationship is over because when can often try to convince ourselves that things can be fixed and that it can change. And although some things can, there are sometimes signs that tell you, it’s beyond saving. Here are some signs of knowing when a relationship is over.

You’ve Stopped Communicating

Communication is essential for all relationships to work and if that’s broken down or become a problem area, then there’s very little that can be done to change it. Seeing a therapist might help or asking loved ones to get involved in trying and helping with communicating better. Usually, when something big happens, or something that you’re proud of or have achieved, you tell your partner first. When that communication stops, you’ll likely find you deliver your news to someone else and that your partner is further down on the list. Communication really is the key to solving most problems because anything that’s kept to yourself will only manifest into something worse.

That Gut Feeling Is Telling You Something

Your gut is something you should trust more often, so that when you see your partner’s typed ‘when divorcing, how is property divided?’ that might be a clear sign that they’ve thought about getting a divorce. And these signs might not be as apparent as this, but your gut can tell you when things seem off. Whether you feel like their emotions or yours have changed, it’s not ideal to ignore it. You have to give yourself the opportunity to be truthful to yourself and to your partner. If that gut feeling isn’t going away, it’s important to act on it.

Your Sex Life Is Non-Existent

Having intimacy with your partner is where you end up being most vulnerable and exposing yourself to someone is impactful. As adult life sets in, we all become busy and probably have plenty of moments where we feel too tired for sex, or we have to deal with others in our lives like family members and children. However, both parties should always be willing to work hard to make time for each other and to have those moments where they can feel loved and appreciated. A relationship with no intimacy isn’t going to have the same strength, or love, and if you’ve lost your sex life, it might be a sign that it’s over.

Their Flaws Annoy You More

When we’re in love with someone, we end up accepting their flaws because what makes us love them overrides those negatives. However, if their flaws are starting to irritate you a lot, then it’s definitely a sign that maybe you’re not so in love with them any more. Embracing your partner’s flaws is what strengthens your love, so if you’re annoyed, it’s time to leave.

It’s ok to fall out of love, we’re only human after all, and perhaps we’re not committed to just loving the one person in our lifetime. Don’t be afraid to end things if they feel like they’ve run their course.

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