October 22, 2020

4. Breath Mints
We don’t live in medieval times, so there’s no excuse for having dragon breath (okay, mute people get a pass). You can’t kick game when your breath is kicking at the same time. This isn’t Shaolin Soccer, this is the part of the game where “sweet talk” can make or break your night. So always pack something for the breath. At the very least mint leaves! And no, chewing gum isn’t an option. Mint strips or Altoids always.

Altoides breath mints

5. ID
Sorry kiddos, fake ID’s just don’t cut it anymore what with the scanners that bouncers carry around nowadays. Take the time out your busy Call of Duty schedule, motor on down to the DMV and get the proper ID that’ll help you begin your life outside the living room and give you a reason to pay attention to this list ‘LLERO is blessing you with.

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