October 21, 2020

Look to Influencers

Sure, the occasional joke or reference to CPT when you are no doubt late to an engagement with your friends may seem okay, but you are in fact reinforcing a habit that can present in other areas of your life – like your career. Do you think folks like Jorge Ramos, Lin-Manuel Miranda, J.Lo and even your mom are at the top of their game because they bullshitted around and were undisciplined with their time? The tip here is to reference the lives of those you admire and shift accordingly to improve your behaviors around punctuality.

Walk It Like You Talk It

At the heart of chronic lateness is the fact that you did not honor what you said you were going to do – show up. Punto. What does that mean for you? If you do not exercise integrity, what you are doing is dimming your light and lighting the path for someone else who will show up on time and perhaps surpass you or take your place. It’s often said that time flies, but what is not said, yet is very crucial is that it leaves a shadow. In the workplace your word is your bond and it will follow you.

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About The Author

José Albino, M.A.

José is the Executive Director of GRIOT Circle, the only staffed non-profit organization in the country that provides social services to LGBTQ elders of color. José is a Certified Life and Empowerment Coach and a trained psychotherapist. As his writing angles are diverse, he often writes about personal development and growth. His most recent book, which he co-authored, The Happy Law Practice: Strategies to Build Business While Maintaining Peace of Mind, can be found on Amazon. José holds a bachelor’s in Psychology from the University at Albany, an MA in Education and Human Development with a concentration in Community Counseling from The George Washington University, an Advanced Certificate in Executive Leadership and Non Profit Management from NYU and received his Certification as a Professional Life Coach from The Institute from Professional Excellence in Coaching.

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