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Most people are aware that leading an active lifestyle has benefits for health and wellbeing. Yet, there are many reasons why individuals get into training. Whether you want to become leaner, stronger, fitter or more confident. Perhaps you want to enjoy the natural high that exercise provides. It’s possible to tailor your training program to cater to your needs, preferences and objectives. Here are some steps you can take to ensure you get the results you want. 


Make A List

If you’re eager to get into exercise, or you’re just starting a new training plan. Think about why you want to increase activity levels and what you want to achieve. We all have different reasons for going to the gym or getting up in the morning and going for a run. If you know what you want to get out of your workouts, this will help you choose suitable activities and find ways of maximizing the chances of hitting individual targets. Do you want to gain or lose weight? Are you desperate to be fitter and healthier for your family? Do you long to feel more confident when you look in the mirror or hit the beach? Are you training for an event or a special occasion? Write a list of motivating factors and goals and break them down into manageable milestones. If you’re struggling to summon up the energy to work out. Or you need a push to get you going. Take a look at your list and remember why you started training and how far you’ve come. 


Hire A Personal Trainer

Whether you’re a beginner, or you’re getting back into training after a break. It can be hugely beneficial to work with an experienced trainer. Especially if you have targets in mind. If you want to work on specific parts of your body, lose weight or gain definition, or you have underlying health issues. Maybe it is a history of injuries. A trainer can work with you to create a specialized program. You can train to target specific areas if you’re conscious about having very slim legs. Stubborn fat around your tummy? For example, you can use targeted exercises to build muscle mass and definition.

Your trainer can teach you the main chest exercises, recommend workouts that will strengthen your legs and help you burn fat. Even tone the body using a combination of strength and cardio activities. Hiring a personal trainer enables you to benefit from a personalized plan and reap the rewards of having a cheerleader to push you and encourage you. Often, when you train on your own, it can be difficult to find that extra 10%. Especially if you’re flagging towards the end of the session. With somebody there to reassure you that you can keep going or give more, you might find that you get more out of every session. 


Find Activities You Enjoy

Many of us are guilty of starting out with the best intentions and then losing interest in fitness when we get bored. Or the novelty of going to the gym or riding a bike wears off. One of the most fundamental boxes to tick is to have fun while you’re working out. It’s beneficial to push yourself and to work hard. Yet you don’t want to see exercise as a chore. Try to include a variety of exercises and activities in your fitness plan and inject more fun with a workout playlist and social interaction.

If you’ve completed a mammoth weights session or a long run, give yourself a break the next day and go for a swim. Maybe enjoy a round of golf or join a yoga class in the park. Take advantage of opportunities to get out and about and take in fresh air by trying sports like surfing, cycling, kayaking, climbing or hiking. Use different machines and equipment if you’re doing a home workout or going to the gym. If you find classes or activities you enjoy, you won’t even feel like you’re training. 


Tackle Issues and Work on Weaknesses

Exercise offers a wealth of benefits. It can make an incredibly positive difference to confidence levels, as well as physical health and body image. When you’re setting goals, think about how you can use exercise to tackle issues that affect you and work on weaknesses or imperfections. Do you worry about what you look like? Are you conscious about your weight and how it affects your health? Or do you tend to doubt yourself or put yourself down? You can use exercise to address issues with body confidence and your appearance. You can build self-esteem and you can adjust your mindset. 


Go At Your Own Pace

We all have a tendency to compare ourselves to others. Especially in the age of social media. While it can be helpful to take inspiration from other people, it’s crucial to focus on your progress and to move at your own pace when undertaking a new training regime. If you haven’t exercised before, you’ll need to build your fitness and stamina gradually, and you can adapt and modify your workouts as and when you’re ready to move to the next level. It’s very easy to get bogged down in what others are doing if you’re at the gym or you’re running around the park, but everyone is different, and it’s wise to stick to your objectives and concentrate on hitting your goals. If you push yourself too hard, or you try to run before you can walk, you could lose motivation and increase the risk of injuries and burnout. 

People exercise for different reasons and they have diverse goals. If you’re planning to start exercising, or you’re embarking upon a new training regime, it’s beneficial to tailor your workouts to ensure you get the most out of them, but also to make exercise fun. Think about why you want to get fit, hire a trainer to work towards specific goals and use exercise to boost your confidence and wellbeing. Move at your own pace and vary your workouts to make them more enjoyable.

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