We all get aches and pain occasionally and while we would definitely rather not think about it chronic pain, it can often mean that our body needs a little more TLC as it ages. That sore back needs to be protected and that means taking extra care in the gym or when you’re throwing a ball around with your friends. It just means you have to listen more and make the adjustments you need, no biggie.

But what if that small, niggling pain becomes something more. You find yourself constantly taking painkillers to even make getting through the day more bearable? With opioid addiction a huge and growing problem, many more conscientious patients are looking to alternative ways of dealing with chronic pain and we take a look at some examples.

Treat, Don’t Ignore

The first thing you should do is get it checked out. Need to get an osteopath to take a look? Get it done. Do not soldier on, particularly when it comes to something as delicate and as important as your back. It’s just not worth it.

If then, the best you’re going to be able to do is manage your pain then you can start thinking about how you’re going to do that.

Find simple and cheap options such as alternating heat and ice on the affected area to get some relief. Rest a lot, move gently and don’t push yourself if you can avoid it.

Medication Alternatives

There are plenty of natural alternatives out there. Some people swear by taking ginger, turmeric and valerian root in place of ibuprofen. Other alternatives include a TENS machine. This is often favored by women in labour. The machine sends mild electric currents through the body. The result is a reduction in pain signals being sent to the brain and spinal cord.

Still others advocate the use of medicinal cannabis such as the gorilla glue strain, which contains THC or tetrahydrocannabiol the active ingredient which can help bring pain relief to sufferers. Be sure to check where your region stands on the use of medical marijuana.

Whatever you choose to help manage your pain, be sure to shop around and don’t be afraid to try out lots of ideas. Reducing the amount of tablets you take will have a huge impact on the health of your kidneys and liver and reduce any likelihood of becoming addicted to prescription medication. 

Living with chronic pain is a hard cross to bear. So make sure that your mental as well as your physical health is well looked after too. Seek the help of your doctor when you need it. But also make sure to get strong support from your friends and family too. It’s not enough to just cope with your pain. You must try and find a way to carve out a life for yourself too, even if that means finding an online community to share and interact with. Listen to what your body needs. Perhaps experiment with non-medicinal alternatives and find some peace when it comes to living with your pain.

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