February 5, 2023


Aida Rodriguez

Former fashion model-turned-comedian, Aida Rodriguez, who gave stand-up comedy a shot after years of living as “a miserable model,” has blessed many stages with her raw, telling-it-like-it-is brand of comedy, including making it to the top ten of NBC’s Last Comic Standing during the show’s eighth season.

For the Puerto Rican/Dominican comedian, hitting the Entre Nos stage was a no-brainer. “I thought it was a good opportunity. The first one was executed beautifully, and Latinos were shown in a very positive light,” Rodriguez told ‘LLERO.

Aside from its execution, Rodriguez feels that Entre Nos is an important platform for Latino comedians, explaining that the show not only debunks Latino stereotypes, but it also showcases Latinos from all different walks of life.

“I think the most important thing that could happen for Latinos as a marginalized group when it comes to imagery is that we could be seen as a spectrum. That people could see that we are a varied people, and that we come from different walks of life, and that we’re not caricatures that they put out. I think that Entre Nos is providing that spectrum for us,” the Latina comedian expressed.

During her set, Rodriguez explained that she plans on showing some much-needed love to Puerto Rico. “I’m very proud of my Puerto Rican heritage, and so, I want to give my people something to be proud of, and let them know that they are not forgotten on March 30, even though that hurricane happened months ago,” she explained, adding, “I’m speaking from the point of view of being Puerto Rican-American. I talk about my family. I talk about feminism, and I blend all of that up.”

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