Fresh off the successes of the first two installments of Entre Nos, the next edition of HBO Latino’s 30-minute stand-up comedy special, aptly titled Entre Nos Part 3, promises even more of the stomach-crunching laughs which have made it a must-watch series. Airing this upcoming Friday (March 30) at 9:30 p.m. (EST), and hosted by Tonio Skits, for the next go-round, the audience is being served up the hilarious comedic acts of Eric Blake, Aida Rodriguez and Orlando Leyba.

Eric Blake

South L.A.’s Eric Blake. Known as the Black Paisa, the African-American comic uses his close relationships and interactions with Cali’s Mexican community as inspiration for his stand-up routines, which have garnered him the much-deserved love and respect of Latino audiences across the nation. Therefore, it was not surprising when the producers of Entre Nos offered him a spot in the show.

“I think one of the things is that I do have a large Latin following. I am one of the only Black comics to do a stand-up show called ¡Que Locos!, and I think one of the producers saw me in one of the shows and loved how I embraced the Latin community,” the ten-year comedy vet recalled. “I grew up around a lot of Mexicans, so I’m not just going out there and telling stuff that I don’t know. I’m telling stuff that I’ve experienced. I’m an African-American that just happens to love the Hispanic world, and being able to build a bridge between African-Americans and Latinos is very special to me.”

The themes Blake says he’ll be exploring during his set on Entre Nos have to deal with his personal experiences with his wife and her family. “My wife is Mexican, and I was able to take things that have happened between us and her family and portray it in my comedy,” he explained, adding, “I hope the audience sees the love in my set, and that I have embraced the culture. I am not of that descent, but I do love Spanish comedy, and I want to be a bridge for that.”


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