January 29, 2023


1. Start with getting down on your hands (hands directly under your shoulder) and knees
2. You then lift your right arm straight ahead at the same time that you raise your left leg up and hold for three seconds. Both your arm and your leg will be parallel to the floor and on about the same plane as your back.
3. Repeat the above with the opposite arm and leg.
4. Five repetitions for each side make one set. Complete three sets.


1. Lie on your back with your feet and legs together and your arms extended above your head.
2. Clasp your hands together while lifting your arms, upper body, and legs into the air (your buttocks are the only thing that should be touching the floor).
3. Hold for one second then return slowly
3. Repeat the above seven to ten times for one set. Complete three sets.

Mountain Climbers

1. Get into the push-up position (hands directly under your shoulder).
2. Lift one knee to your chest then return it. Repeat with the other leg and alternate henceforth.
3. Do the above with an easy pace – as if you were climbing – and quicken the tempo steadily with each repetition.
4. Repeat the above for 10-15 repetitions. Complete three sets.

Just remember, before starting any exercise program it is vital to consult with your doctor to appraise your wellness in advance. Core strength training combined with other fitness regimens will go a long way towards maintaining your ‘machine’ and maximizing your fitness gains. The ripple effect that starts in the center can go a long way.

For more information on core strength and exercises you can go to: MayoClinic.org

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