DonQ Gran Añejo – $70.00, 750ml

Leading the premium charge is DonQ Gran Añejo which is first aged in American white oak then further carefully aged in Spanish sherry casks. This dark añejo rum, which is more like cognac, tends to be smoother due to a longer aging process. Sip this neat or on the rocks to really enjoy the hints of vanilla and dark caramel throughout this deep and complex flavor profile.

DonQ Cristal – $7.00, 750ml

This clear light rum is most noted for its mixability and smoothness. Cristal is a blend of rums aged from one to three years producing a bright nose with smooth and clean molasses notes. This clear light rum goes through a charcoal filtration that creates its clear body and is most often recognized for winning the 2010 Ultimate Cocktail Challenge “Best Rum in a Mojito” category.

Don Q Cristal

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