Round 7 seems to be a key round for Deontay Wilder and Luis Ortiz fights. In their first match, it was the round that Ortiz put Wilder in serious jeopardy. In their rematch last night, round seven is when Deontay Wilder knocked Ortiz out in a highlight reel manner.

The fight was definitely a two sided affair. The first half belonging to Ortiz, who successfully delivered punch combinations behind a strong jab and tied up Wilder in clinches, never allowing him to extend those arms and deliver his own assault. All of the judges had Ortiz ahead on the score cards.

Starting from round six the tide began to turn. Wilder was more effective with his jab and was beginning to time Ortiz.  The result, a clear knockout in round 7, one from which Ortiz clearly would not be able to recover from. So what’s next for Deontay Wilder?  According to his camp, a Tyson Fury rematch beckons in the new year. Until then see the highlights below.

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