January 17, 2021

‘LLERO: Why did you decide to go on The Celebrity Apprentice?
Dayana: How can you say no when you’re offered the chance to work for your charity? It doesn’t make sense to say ‘I don’t want to work for charity.’ It was an amazing opportunity for the Latino Commission on AIDS to be more recognized in the country and outside of it and for the Latino community to be recognized and supported.

‘LLERO: What did you think of Arsenio’s win?
Dayana: I was so happy for him. I was rooting for him since the show started. It was someone who could maintain his honesty and respect for himself as well. He did an amazing job, Clay as well. It’s really amazing that they were the two finalists…they’re both incredible.

‘LLERO: You locked horns with Lisa Lampanelli throughout your time on the show and after she made racist comments about you on the radio. But you stood up for yourself and for others. Did you feel any pressure to do so? Did you two ever make amends?
Dayana: I would say right after she said that we did (make up). I understand she’s a comedian – her job is to make fun and make fun of people. But then being on radio and being mean continuously…it’s not a stand up show anymore. It’s not part of how funny you are. She’s being derogatory. Those slurs are the language of ignorance. I don’t believe in the United States Latinos should be looked at in a derogatory way but celebrated. And she’s been using those terms a lot. If you’re talking that way you’re missing tools.

‘LLERO: Who did you get along with best on the show?
Dayana: Patricia Velazquez. We were supporting each other from the very beginning. I believe we had each other’s backs. She’s an extraordinary human being.

‘LLERO: Would you do any more reality shows? Which ones?
Dayana: Well, I don’t really see The Celebrity Apprentice as a ‘reality show.’ You’re not getting drunk and letting people watch you 24/7, looking at you eating, getting out of the shower or invading your privacy. It’s about developing and working on different tasks to raise money. It’s a show that has a point. I see it as a game show. [To be on a reality show] it would have to be a very specific idea, a different format than I understand [reality shows to be.]

‘LLERO: You’ve been a model, an ambassador and a beauty queen, what’s next for you?
Dayana: I’m a huge believer of not counting the eggs until they’re there. There are so many things I’m planning on doing and working on that are still cooking. I want to leave it there. And God willing, I’m very lucky and fortunate to have great opportunities. I hope it keeps getting better!

‘LLERO: If you hadn’t been discovered and become a model what do you think your life would be like now?
Dayana: I think so much about those things, especially when I was younger. I had to finish high school with adults because I had to travel out of my country so much. I would have gone to college, get a master’s, be working and doing what everybody else does when they’re not traveling around the world; having a pretty casual life, working, at home and supporting my family.

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