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Looking for something to buy for your brother, dad, drinking buddy, or partner? Or perhaps people keep asking you what you want for Christmas this year, and you don’t know. Well, here’s a list of some of the coolest gifts around which you or the man in your life won’t be able to live without. 


New Clothes

Who doesn’t love a few new items of clothing for Christmas? Don’t just go with something ordinary though, check out a new brand like C2H4, which stands for the Molecular Formula for Ethylene. These clothes are all about the concept of chemistry. The company describes themselves as Chemists, and Chemists mix different substances to create new matters, which is precisely what they do. Focussing on trailblazing fabric materials and processes, testing and tailoring cultural theories, analyzing compound of apparels from physical and visual properties to achieve the final uniquely crafted synthesis which forms a peculiar style. Check it out!


Marvel Fans’ Collection

For all those Marvel fans out there, take a look at the Folio Society’s Marvel: The Golden Age 1939 – 1949. Inside the stunning metallic box, you’ll find a facsimile of the first-ever Marvel comic and an enormous, exciting tome filled with some of the earliest comics the company ever made. This is the kind of thing fans will pore over for ages, and even if you know nothing about Marvel, it’s so aesthetically pleasing you’ll probably be obsessed too. 


NES Classic Edition

Know someone who loved his NES? Well take him back to the ’80s with a retro-inspired NES system that comes loaded with only the best video games such as Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros., Zelda, and more. It will bring back so many memories and provide endless fun. At least it will keep them occupied while dinner’s cooking too. 


A Holiday Getaway

Why not surprise the man in your life with a holiday getaway this Christmas? You don’t have to book it by guessing where they’d want to go and keeping your fingers crossed that they will be free. Don’t worry, you can buy them an iescape gift card from $11 to over $11,000, so you can choose from eco-retreats, safari lodges, and luxe villas to boutique hotels in more than 50 different countries. 


Class Subscription

Imagine being able to give someone the gift of cooking with Gordon Ramsay? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But with MasterClass, you can give someone a class or annual subscription and bring the world’s foremost experts in music, movies, art, cooking, and more right to him with video lessons and easy-to-follow workbooks. 


Contactless Payment Ring

If you’ve got someone in your life who’s forever fumbling for their phone or metro card at the subway entrance, this contactless payment ring powered by Mastercard will save them a lot of time – and other travelers a lot of stress. It also looks pretty cool and is probably one of the most impressive gadgets going. Anyone who loves their gadgets will love this and love showing it off too. 


Temperature Control Smart Mug

This temperature regulating mug will make a morning coffee taste even better—and for longer too. Again, it’s another one for the gadget lovers but for the Coffee lovers too. So if you know someone who’s morning coffee has to be at the right temperature and it would ruin their day if it wasn’t, then this is the gift for them. 


Pocket Knife

Folding pocket knives can be great gifts for guys. They’re particularly useful tools for outdoorsy men that love activities like camping, fishing and hunting. You can explore all kinds of cool and compact styles online. For a special gift, you could even consider a custom engraved pocket knife.


Genetic Ethnicity + Traits Test

A gift that can both educate him on his ancestral background and help him build his family tree. Check out Ancestry DNA, it makes a great Christmas gift and can be interesting for all his family too. 


Indoor Skydiving Lesson

How about giving someone the thrill of skydiving without having to jump from a plane? Check out Cloud9 Living, which offers more than 30 worldwide locations to choose from, so he won’t have to travel far to fly.


BottleLoft Magnetic Strips for Beverage Bottles

This is a genius storage idea that clears up space in the fridge: these neodymium magnet strips from uncommongoods.com are strong enough to hold a six pack of your favorite beverage bottles to the refrigerator roof making either more room for more beer or maybe a bit of food. 


Wireless Bluetooth Hat

Upgrade his go-to cable knit beanie to this tunes-playing beanie. It has Built-in sneakers so he can stream music or calls from his phone via Bluetooth. The speaker is also removable, making this machine washable – perfect!

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