While wading through the white noise that Twitter can be –“Look at me!”, “Buy this!”, “I’m cool!!”– we discovered that there are some folks in the Twitterverse who consistently deliver 280 characters that we’re eager to read, see and hear. Whether it be humor, inspiration, provocative statements or simply information we didn’t know we needed. Here’s a short list of our top picks.

LeJuan James, Comedian

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 8.07.57 PM
LeJuan James’ comedy is the definition of viral. Using his own experience of growing up in a Puerto Rican/Dominican household he points out the comical cultural differences that make Latinos so unique. Whether it’s how our parents don’t like anybody we bring home or how yelling is how we often communicate, he takes pride in making everyone ROFL with his videos and commentary. Check him out for all the humor, hysteria, shouts outs and sports analysis your feed can hold.

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