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Are you one of those people that’s just always organized? Your look looks like a game of Tetris with everything neatly slotted away and organized correctly. Your desk actually looks like a desk instead of a pile of papers and junk. Everyone always comes to you when they need help with something as they trust that you can organize it. 

If this sounds like you, then you have excellent organizational skills. Maybe you inherited them from a parent, or perhaps it’s just a natural part of who you area. Regardless, this is a vital skill in the career world. Many people view this as one of the most valuable skills to put on your resume. Additionally, this skill can help you find the ideal career path for you. It’s always wise to seek out jobs that appeal to your natural talents. If you’re not good with numbers, why would you pursue a career in accounting? On the flip side, if you do have great organizational skills, then it makes sense to seek careers that let you showcase them. 

Here are a few career ideas that suit all of the uber-organized people out there:

Health Information Technician

Probably not where you expected this list to start, but a Health Information Technician is a fine example of how diverse your career options are. Naturally, there’s one big question: what is a health information technician? To keep things brief, it’s essentially somebody that works within a healthcare institution and hands all the medical records. You’re responsible for organizing data and finding it when the doctors require it. This is a career that demands great computer skills as well as your organizational prowess. You must know how to keep records in order and sort through them as quickly as possible. You’ll also be handling both digital and physical records, which adds to your responsibilities. 

As you can see, this is a job that means you have to use your talents for organization at all times. One of the great things about this career is that it offers a way into the healthcare industry for people who aren’t very hands-on. Most roles in this industry require you to have face-to-face contact with patients every day. If you’re quite shy but want to help make a difference, then it’s a fantastic option. 


Naturally, being a teacher is a career that demands exceptional organizational skills. This is definitely a career that most people underestimate. When you’re in school, you tend to think that your teachers don’t do much. You only think of them as teaching you for an hour a day and reading from a PowerPoint. In reality, they do far more than this. Teachers are typically responsible for the following:

  • Organizing lessons
  • Planning how the lessons will fit with the school terms
  • Finding resources
  • Marking papers
  • Setting work for students
  • Organizing school trips

The list can go on and on depending on what your specific teaching roles are. Still, it’s clear you need to be very organized if you want to be a teacher. There’s a lot to stay on top of, and you can’t afford to be messy. 

It’s a brilliant career choice for people who want to try and give something to the next generation. The children are our future. As corny as that sounds, it’s true. They need great teachers to inspire and set them on the right path. Plus, you can advance your career as a teacher fairly easily. There are senior teaching roles up for grabs, and you may end up as a headmaster – who knows!?

Personal Assistant

This might not be the most glamorous of careers, but it’s tailormade for people with excellent organizational skills. A personal assistant will help someone with so many daily tasks. You could be in charge of organizing your boss’s schedule, taking calls, making notes of any messages, running errands, etc. Effectively, you are at the beck and call of whoever hired you. As you can already tell, so much of your job will be dedicated to staying organized. It’s an interesting challenge as you almost have to be organized for two people. You have to stay on top of your own tasks, which will ensure that your boss also remains organized and in control. 

This is an interesting career that may appeal more to some than others. If you hate the idea of working for someone so directly, then this obviously doesn’t suit you. If you don’t care, then it can be an awesome opportunity. A huge benefit of this career is that you can end up in so many different industries working for lots of different people in your life. You never know, you may end up as the PA for a famous celebrity! With that in mind, this job can actually pay really well. It might take some time to work up to the high-paid job offers, but you will be rewarded for sticking at it. 


Again, not a career you maybe ever thought about before. However, it deserves some attention as you put your skills to the test all the time. Clearly, librarians have one key role: to keep the library in order and ensure all books are organized correctly. You will answer questions and queries on books, meaning you need to know where to find the things people request. If you aren’t incredibly organized, then the whole library will fall apart. Books will be put in the wrong places, meaning everyone coming to the library will be annoyed.

So, this is perfectly suited for you and your talents. Furthermore, librarians are actually paid quite well. The average salary is over $55,000, which isn’t bad at all. Then, there are other librarian roles as well. Yes, this sounds surprising, but it’s true. You can be a senior librarian and get paid more, or you can be an academic librarian working for a college. Thus, it’s not the simple career you thought it was. There’s still room for progression, and being in charge of the library is like having a puzzle that constantly needs solving. 

Wedding Planner

Lastly, we have wedding planners. Here’s out on this one. At first blush you may think its a career designated for women. Fear not, you won’t be J. Lo designated to second fiddle in her pursuit of Matthew McConaughney. Becuase this ain’t Hollywood. The key is in the name; you’ll do lots of planning in this role. In fact, your entire job revolves around the ability to stay organized. Think about all the different aspects of planning a wedding. You have to find entertainment, choose venue options, come up with design ideas, decide on food menus, and so on. The list is literally endless, and all of this has to be organized and presented to the bride and groom so they can make the final decision. 

Consequently, you’ll have tons of ideas and folders and loads of different things to keep tabs on. Not to mention the fact that you might plan more than one wedding at once. This demands insane organizational skills and will really test your talents! It’s another job that pays well, and this career also has a potential benefit. Wedding planners are typically self-employed, meaning you work for yourself! Add to this the fact you can set your own prices, and wedding planners are in-demand, and you’ve got a very profitable career idea.

There you have it: five career ideas for people with excellent organizational skills. If you love being organized, these careers are all wonderful options to explore. You may have noticed that each one is in a different industry or sector to the others. Therefore, it shows how your organizational skills are applicable across multiple career sectors!

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