The final shopping days until Christmas are winding down and so is the chance to score a gift for that family member, close friend, or even frenemy. No fear ‘LLERO is here. We’ve curated some great stocking stuffers for our last minute gift guide.

For the Futbol Fan


Sockatines-Best-Gift-IdeasPhoto Courtesy of Sockatines

For the man or woman that just can’t get enough of watching their favorite futbol players on the pitch and wants to represent the sport with stylish pride. Enter Sockatines. A new brand that has designed and created stylish socks with a futbol flair. Whether it’s paying homage to the Mexico National Soccer teams of ’92 and ’98 or just the sport in general. Sockatines has got you covered in more ways than one.

To purchase or browse visit

For the Comic Lover

La Borinquena

For the graphic novel lover comes La Borinquena. Created by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, this graphic novel series follows the adventures of Marisol Rios De La Luz, a Columbia University undergrad student who gains super powers on an archeological visit to her native Puerto Rico. As you know with great power comes great responsibility! So, Marisol takes on the mantle of La Borinquena defending Puerto Rico from anything or anyone who may do it harm. The most recent series follows La Borinquena as she teams with Wonder Woman to help rebuild Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Aptly entitled “Ricanstruction”.

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For the Coquito Lover

Brooklyn Coquito

It’s not holiday in any Latino household without indulging in some coquito. Johnny Rivera and Athena Colon of Brooklyn Coquito have been bottling their authentic coconut cream libation since 2012 and it continues to go strong. Brooklyn Coquito’s recipe revolves around tweaking its main ingredients of rum, condensed milk, cream of coconut, sugar, cinnamon, cloves, and vanilla. What’s their secret? They’ll never tell. After all, everyone knows a coquito recipe is to be guarded with your life!

To order a bottle or two before the holiday visit Brooklyn Coquito

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