On May 6th Canelo Alvarez steps back into the ring for what has become his annual fight on Cinco de Mayo weekend. What distinguishes this fight from bouts in years past is that he is taking on the son of Mexico’s greatest fighter in the form of Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr.

Now experts and the common fan alike, are dismissive of the quality of the bout. Despite Chavez Jr. being the larger man, from a match-up perspective it should be easy work for Canelo.  Yet, in this case, Canelo is not just facing a larger fighter, but a fight with a larger meaning. Check out why Canelo v. Chavez, Jr. matters.

1. Bloodlines

When you utter the name Julio Cesar Chavez in the U.S., boxing fans will surely recognize the name. However, the common fan may not be familiar with it, or simply indifferent. Not the case in Mexico, where the name is synonymous with nothing short of legend. Men and women, young and old all know and recognize Julio Cesar Chavez as a god in Mexico. A warrior in the truest sense, in a country that has produced over 200 world champions and takes pride in churning out warriors. Now imagine being the offspring of said legend, and following in his footsteps by plying the same trade. It’s safe to say you inherit much of the good will that comes with such status. So when Canelo enters the ring on Saturday night, he will encounter the rare instance where a number of his countrymen are rooting against him. Don’t believe us. Well several years ago on September 15, 2012 the two fighters each fought on the same night Chavez took on Sergio Martinez while Canelo faced Josesito Lopez. Seventy percent of Mexico tuned in for both fights. Over 18 million for Canelo and 16 million for Chavez. Our point, you ask? Chavez Jr. has a following. Should Canelo emerge victorious as anticipated, there will be many folks in Mexico not be happy about it. A rarity for Canelo.

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