January 21, 2021

4. Use erotic movies
Men are visual, we all know that, but don’t think for a second that women aren’t. The difference comes down to what we want to look at. The next time you’re about to head into the shower, tell your woman you want to show her something and put on an erotic DVD.

Let her watch it while you’re in the washroom and by the time you get out, chances are she’ll be waiting for you with open legs and her hands between them.

5. Call her up
If your mission is to arouse her before you even see her, call her up during the day and fill her in on what you’ve been thinking about, what you dreamt about or what you plan on doing to her that night. This way, she’ll be excited to see you and you’ve managed to begin the foreplay hours in advance.

6. Use blindfolds
If you ever want to drive a woman to depths of sexual excitement still unknown to man, blindfold her. When you steal away her sense of sight, her other senses become heightened. As well, because she can’t see, she may be bolder in her actions and sounds.

Watch as her nipples become harder than ever and her vagina soaks the sheets.

  • Rise to Arousal
    There are many ways to arouse a woman, but there’s no doubt that arousing her mind will get her body going. Sometimes, something as simple as a deep, slow, wet kiss can make a woman go crazy. The thing is there’s only one way to find out what makes her tick.


Until next time, wake up the beast lurking within your woman.

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